Why such little interest in Central and South American records?
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We have run many surveys regarding content interest around the world.  We consistently see relatively small interest in content from Central and South America.  We have a huge number of people that have ancestors from these areas both in the United States and in those countries. We have some opportunities to get many more records from these areas but the interest from current customers seems very low.  I would love to understand more about this discrepancy - meaning a high number of people but very low interest. Is it that we have had so few records from Central and South America that people that come from those places do not visit Ancestry' Is it that they just have lower interest in Genealogy? I actually spent a few years living in Argentina and learned to really appreciate the people. I felt like they were generally very interested in their family history but I didn't really focus on this. I am still a little surprised to not see more interest in these records. If you have any insights into this we would appreciate your feedback. Thanks for working with us. GG