What We Found: A Handful of Towns Missing from the 1880 Census
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Anyone who has traced family back from 1900 to 1880 knows that a lot can happen in 20 years ? particularly when you're up against that missing 1890 census record (99 percent of the census for 1890 was destroyed courtesy of a fire). But what if your family was missing from every published version of 1880, too' If your family lived in one of a handful of small townships in Tioga County, New York, in 1880, that's exactly what you've been up against. We discovered the problem while scanning and indexing U. S. Federal Census Non-population Schedules. Inside the collection of agricultural, industry, social statistics and other special census schedules were a handful of 1880 population schedules, too. Only about 5,600 names were in those population schedules, which cover all of Richford, Spencer Village, and Spencer, New York, as well as 40 pages of Henrico County, Virginia ? but if one of those names is perched in your family tree, the find is like striking family history gold. You'll find the once-missing 1880 census population schedules today right where they belong: mixed in with the rest of the 1880 U.S. Federal Census at Ancestry.com. Be sure to let me know if you locate a member of your own family  there -- I'd love to hear the story.