What We Are Reading: October 31st Edition
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Happy Halloween! Don't be scared -- this week's What We Are Reading is all "treats" and no "tricks." (And we won't even make you dress up in costume.) "Do We Have the Genealogy Reflexes We Need," by Harold Henderson, on Midwestern Microhistory. Good reflexes aren't just important in exercise. They're essential for growing as a genealogist. Harold gives his take on good genealogy reflexes. "Family History on the Road ? Day Three," by Family Sleuther, on Family Sleuther. We're always up for a genealogy road trip. Family Sleuther visited some family graves, including that of War of 1812 veteran Jeremiah Turner Reeves. Barbara Wells Sarudy on her blog It's About Time has put together a series of biographies of Quaker women, including Jemima Wilkinson (aka Publick Universal Friend) and Frances Slocum. Fascinating reading. "Tonight," by Lisa Y. Henderson, on Scuffalong: Genealogy. Lisa reminds us of the importance of local genealogical societies. "Haints and Witches and Legends...Oh my! Tennessee Folklife Myths and Legends" on the Tennessee State Library and Archives Blog. What's Halloween without a few tales of ghosts and witches' Learn about some of Tennessee's most famous, including the Bell Witch. (Bonus: a way of lifting the spell laid on you by a witch!) Historic Catalogs of Sears, Roebuck and Co., 1951 Historic Catalogs of Sears, Roebuck and Co., 1951