What We Are Reading: July 11 Edition
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girls-readingThe Internet is bursting at the seams (virtually) with genealogy and history. (I suspect that Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web for the sole purpose of researching his family tree.) With so much being published every day, it's easy to miss out on some wonderful articles. That's why we're starting a new weekly column here on the Ancestry blog called "What We Are Reading." Every week, we will feature blog posts and articles that we think you'll enjoy. They might be informative, funny, thought provoking, or simply bring a smile to your face, but they will always be worth your time. With that, here's what we've been reading this week: "An Adoption on a Train" by Schalene Dagutis on Tangled Roots and Trees. Schalene shares how her relative was in the right place at the right time to end up in a loving home and how she found the story of what happened to him. "Generations of Family Signatures" by Kristin Cleage Williams on Finding Eliza. Kristin compiled photos of her ancestors and their signatures. It's a striking visual. "Norman Rockwell Talks About 'Family Tree'" by James Gurney on Gurney Journey. You've probably seen the family tree that was illustrated by Norman Rockwell, featuring pirates, soldiers, and a mysterious Spanish woman. James shares an audio clip where Rockwell talks about why he made some of his design choices. (If it were only so easy for us to put people on the family tree!) "Remembering Ancestors: Evolution of American Cemeteries" by Peter Feinman on The New York History Blog. Peter's article focuses on the Rural Cemetery movement in New York, but also gives context to how cemeteries evolved in other parts of the United States. "Suicide Is Not Painless" by Leslie (Gignac) Drewitz on The In-Depth Genealogist. Leslie shares her thoughts on the loss of her ex-brother-in-law to suicide and how she will record his life. "Willard Bishop's Model T Camper" by Shelley Bishop on A Sense of Family. What do you do when you're a mechanic and you want a fishing cabin' You build one on the back of a Model T. (Yes, Shelley even shared a picture of it!)