What We Are Reading: December 12th Edition
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'Tis the season for holiday cheer. Judging from what we've been reading this week, it's also the season for writing about the wrong-doings of our ancestors! Bill West tells us about an incident involving his ancestor and wayward horse. Let's just say that he forgot to tie it up one night and things escalated from there. Read more about it at "Will, I Will Shoot Your Horse" on West in New England. Your husband is fighting in the Civil War, so what do you write to him about' NikiMarie was surprised by what one Civil War wife wrote to her husband. You can read the letter at "Civil War Fun" on My People in History. Speaking of Civil War soldiers, Elizabeth Wilson Ballard has been trying to sort out the identity of her ancestor John Marion Renfro, who served in the 9th Illinois Cavalry. Along the way, she has discovered that some of his many marriages "overlapped." See how she's been sorting it all out at "John Marion Renfro, Union Soldier and Polygamist" on Diggin' Up Graves. It hasn't all been ne'er-do-wells this week. You might be thinking about doing a craft as gifts for the holidays, perhaps putting a book together. Tiffany Eng at West Dean College has put together a tutorial on Japanese stab binding. If she can bind a ham sandwich ? and she does! ? certainly we can bind a few pages of our family history together! Story of Harper's Ferry "The Story of Harper's Ferry," from the Library of Congress Photo Collection, 1840-2000.