What We Are Reading: August 15 Edition
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It's hard to believe, but the schools in my area started classes this week. I remember when I was in school, it was unusual to start before Labor Day. (Now get off my lawn!) The kids shouldn't be the only ones reading. We should all join in the fun! Cincinnati Union Station Cincinnati Union Station Here are some of the things that we were reading this week: "Is Your Lost Family Bible on Fold3 in a Pension File'" by Jim Long, on LongBranch Genealogy. Jim found pages from his ancestor's family Bible in a War of 1812 pension file. Not a transcript ? the actual pages! (And it's another reason to help out the Preserve the Pensions project!) "Lessons Learned from Photographing 1000 Tombstones," by Lynn Palermo, on The Armchair Genealogist. Lynn learned a lot while working on a photo project at her local cemetery and shares tips about photography and tombstone research. "Our Cincinnati Union Terminal," by Cheri Daniels, on Journeys Past. Cheri takes us through her family's close history with Cincinnati's beautiful Union Terminal. What are some of the places that your ancestors are closely tied to' "The Stories We Need to Read," by Angela Y. Walton-Raji, on My Ancestor's Name. Angela shows how reading historical fiction can give us insight into the lives and situations of our ancestors. She also has some recommendations for good books.