What We Are Reading: August 1 Edition
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children with book What does a Civil War descendant, Coca Cola signs, and the Great Lakes have in common' It's just some of what we've been reading this week.   "Bitter Sweet Memories, the History of a Family Home," by Carol, on Reflections from the Fence. The selling of the family home brought back a lot of memories of the things that had happened there. What about the history in the house where you grew up'   "Civil War Quick Tip: Really' I Was Fascinated By This Guy's Story," by Cindy Freed, on Genealogy Circle. Cindy discovered a Civil War descendant who discovered a link between his grandmother's attitudes and his Civil War ancestor.   "Coca Cola's Restoration of 'Ghost Murals' in Appalachia," by Lauren C. Steele, on Appalachian History. The sides of buildings used to double as painted billboards. The advertisements are fading away, taking history with them. Coca Cola has started a project to restore some of these historic "ghost murals."   "Even Airplane Crashes Have a Silver Lining," by David C. J., on Mid-Continent Public Library Genealogy Blog. When we think of finding wreckage in Lake Michigan, we usually think of ships. Turns out, there are a lot of airplanes down there, too -- and they are a wealth of aviation history.   History of the Great Lakes States is a website with links to online books, articles, and maps for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.