Week 2 of the 52 Ancestors Challenge
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52ancestorsIf you thought there were a lot of great blogs to read from the first week of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge, wait until you see Week 2! Even more bloggers took the challenge - this week, there were a whopping 194 posts! It would be impossible for me to recap all of the articles that I enjoyed this week. Here are a few that stood out to me for various reasons:
  • Nancy Hurley, author of "Indiana Ties," put city directories to good use in researching her great-grandfather Charles H. Albers, 1865-1915. Nancy found him in Indianapolis city directories beginning from the time he was a single man, newly-arrived from Germany, living as a boarder in different houses. She followed him through his marriage, through the time they moved to a house of their own -- the house that Charles eventually died in. (If you haven't looked at city directories for your ancestors, you really should put it on your to-do list.)
  • Karen Batchelor of "Extreme Genealogy" combined oral history, vital records, census records, and a report from the New England Journal of Medicine to tell us about her great-aunt Frances Elizabeth Weaver. In "Someone No One Remembers Anymore," Karen tells how Frances died and how her death fit the norm of that era. It's not only a moving tribute, but also a look at how non-traditional sources can help tell the story.
  • Linda at "Passage to the Past" tells a neat story about her "first best friend," her grandfather Dr. Charles G. Hall. Not only are the stories wonderful, but it is fantastic example of others sharing what they have. As Linda puts it, it's not stranger danger; it's "Stranger Exchanger!"
You can find links to all 194 articles from Week 2 on my blog No Story Too Small. Want to take the challenge' It's not too late. You can find information about that here.