Tips: Surnames
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I've chosen to write today's Family Tree Maker blog entry on surname tips. Multi-Word Surnames As a general rule Family Tree Maker 2008 assumes the last word entered in the name field is the individual's surname. However, it also recognizes many common surname prefixes. The development team has provided me with a list of those recognized prefixes. They include the following: o', d', van, von, ver, st., saint, der, de, la, del, della, las, te, ten, ter, le, du, des, da, dos, da, le, detto, di, dit, du, in't, lo, 't, te, tan, uit, den, uyt, vulgo There are also instances where the prefix is not in Family Tree Maker's recognized list. Additionally, an individual may have two surnames (Aguirre Chanquin). To ensure that muli-word surnames are not indexed incorrectly, users can insert a backward slash (\) before and after the surname. Maria Graciela \Aguirre Chanquin\? The backslashes can also be used for individuals that do not have a surname. Running Bear\ \? Please note that once entered, the backslashes do not appear. They are merely used to initially assign names appropriately as given names or surnames. Hyphenated Surnames A user may want to record legal name changes like hyphenated surnames. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Click the PEOPLE button on the main toolbar.
  2. Click the PERSON tab for the individual for whom you want to add information.
  3. Click the FACTS button, if necessary.
  4. Right-click the Individual & Shared Facts workspace and choose ADD FACT. The Add Fact window opens.
  5. Click Also Known As' in the FACTS list and click OK.
  6. In the right-hand editing panel, enter any dates associated with the name change in the DATE field (the default field); in the DESCRIPTION field, enter the alternate name. Users may also wan to add source information for the name change.
Surname Variations The Also Known As' field in the FACTS list is also an appropriate place to enter surname variations. Surname Report Users that want to create a report of all individuals with the same surname can follow these steps:
  1. Open the CUSTOM REPORT (located on the Publish workspace under Person Reports)
  2. Click the RESET button in the reports toolbar to clear any previous report settings.
  3. In INDIVIDUALS TO INCLUDE, click SELECTED INDIVIDUALS. The Filter Individuals window opens. No individuals should be included in the report at this point; if there are, click Exclude All to clear the report.
  4. Click FILTER IN. The Filter Individuals by Criteria window opens.
  5. Click VITAL FACTS, if necessary.
  6. Choose Name' from the SEARCH WHERE drop-down list.
  7. Choose Contains' from the next drop-down list.
  8. In the VALUE field, enter a surname
  9. Click OK. The Filter Individuals window now shows all the individuals who have that surname. You can filter the list further if necessary.
  10. Click OK on the Filter Individuals window. The report is generated.