Tips on using the enhanced image page
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If you haven't seen the enhanced image page yet, you can take a look at this image from the US 1860 census. And to get you started with the basics, here are a few tips. Viewing just the image If you want to view just the image, click on the link. Until you click the minimize image link or remove your cookies, this will be how you see all images on the enhanced image page. You can click on the image below to see where this is on the page. Viewing the index and member connect/source panels By clicking the link, you will return to the view with all the panels showing. Viewing just the index panel or the member connect/source panel It is also possible to view the image with just the member connect/source panel open, or just the index panel open. Click on the grey arrows as shown in the image below to open or close each individual panel. Until you open or close these panels or remove your cookies, this will be how you see all images on the enhanced image page. Paging through images in an enumeration district or data collection There are two ways to do this. You can either change the page number by typing in a new number in the text box, and click go, or you can click on the left and right arrows. Printing the image We have three options for printing an image on the enhanced image page.

  1. Print only the image will send the image to be printed on your local printer
  2. Print image with source and record information will print the image as well as the information we have for the record and the source of the image. You can choose to print the image on one page and the record/source information on another by choosing the Print source & image on separate pagesoption. This particular option, printing source and image separately has been the most frequent printing setup I've received over the last year.
  3. Enhanced custom print sends the image and source information to our MyCanvas tool which allows you to customize the image and relevant information to suit your needs.
Some of you have reported having problems with printing and we'd like to find solutions for you. If you want to report a printing problem in a blog comment, please include the URL of the image, the OS (such as XP, or Vista), and the browser/version that you use (such as IE8 or Firefox 3.0.5) Saving the image You can save the image in 3 different ways: to your online tree, to your shoebox, or to your hard drive. This option works just as it always has. The enhanced image page is available on these data collections: 1860 US Census , 1870 US Census , 1871 Census of Canada, 1861 England Census, 1861 Wales Census, 1861 Channel Island Census, 1861 Isle of Man Census, 1871 England Census, 1871 Wales Census, 1871 Channel Island Census, and1871 Isle of Man Census. We will be rolling out the enhanced image page to other census data collections over the next few weeks. If you have questions or comments, let me know. Happy Searching!