Three Ways to Honor Your Mother Who Has Passed
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Mother's Day can be a difficult time for sons and daughters whose mothers have passed. This article offers three suggestions for ways you can honor your mother or grandmother's memory during this, or any, season. Not only will you be paying tribute to her, but with each of these activities, you'll be working to preserve her legacy for future generations. View More:
  1. Document An Heirloom Family Recipe
If you or someone in your family has mastered one of her recipes, take an afternoon to make that dish and record every ingredient and step along the way. If someone other than yourself harbors the recipe, refer to our recent blog post  for tips on how to approach this project. At Storyhouse, we combine family recipes with a photo of the chef to create Heirloom Recipe Prints, which make for artful kitchen displays. However you choose to preserve the recipe, consider giving this gift to siblings or other family members who loved your mother!  
  1. Create A Photo Story
View More: some favorite photos of your mother solo or with family and, using a #2 (lead-free pencil) on the back of the photo or a separate notepad, write down everything you remember about the photo including date, location, what was happening in the photo, etc. As time passes, we often forget these crucial details and when these heirloom items get passed down, little is known about the images or people they feature. To take this one step further, scan the photos front and back and save them to a USB or hard drive, with important descriptors in the filename (people/place/date). Also, upload these scanned images to the cloud and share them with your loved ones, or consider having them reprinted in a small photo book. If you have experience with pairing audio recordings with still images to create a video, consider creating something like our Story Gallery Service to bring those stories to life.  
  1. Find A Mother To HonorView More:
Perhaps you have a mother-figure in your life who didn't have children or whose families live far away. If not, you'd likely find a great candidate at a nearby nursing home. Take a walk, go through piles of yours and their old photos, share a piece of pie, or show her around the Ancestry website -- treat this lady to a day you'd give to your own sweet mother if she were still with you. Storyhouse is a service dedicated to helping families and communities capture and preserve their stories so they can be shared now and for generations to come. Kathryn Gonzales, founder and CEO of Storyhouse, launched the business in large part because she didn't get the opportunity to gather her grandmas' stories before they passed away. Storyhouse is a Texas-based business that preserves family stories, recipes, photos and documents through videos books and websites so these stories can be shared now and for generations to come.