The New Ancestry: September 19th Feature Update
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Welcome to our weekly update on the new Ancestry website. Last week we posted an article that covered the upcoming feature to show all events on LifeStory. These past couple of weeks most of our efforts have been on a few behind the scenes' initiatives such as:

  • Media Gallery: photo cropping and other improvements
  • Facts View: thumbnails and other
  • Other bug fixes
We also updated Photo Hints and you can now click to view photos from hints and search results and go directly to the new Media Gallery, where you have a richer and fuller viewing experience of the record.


Features that we are still working on:

  • Media Viewer enhancements ? making it easier to link more people to an image, setting and unsetting an image as a profile image, making the interface more intuitive
  • Profile picture cropping- Edit/crop a profile photo to better fit or from multiple people to a single person.
  • Member Connect - Find other members researching a similar ancestor and save info from their family trees
  • Family Group Sheet - A family view of the of the person and their family

Top Reported Issues

Below is a status on some of the top issues surfacing from your feedback.
  • Inaccurate narrations in LifeStory and Facts view? We are looking at the language in the narrations and how to better generate narratives.
  • A white font on a dark background is hard for some users to see. We have adjusted font size and background color in several areas to improve the experience.
  • Circle photo frames on the profile photos. Some users dislike having a circle profile picture.
We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to keep submitting it. What do you love about the new website' Did you find a bug' Something doesn't quite work like you think it should' Please submit it via this form. Thank you. We will be providing more updates over the next couple of weeks.

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