The New Ancestry: October 31st Feature Update
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Welcome to our weekly update on the new Ancestry website. This week we completed some of the features we discussed in last week's update. As always, we have also included links to articles and videos at the end of this post that will help answer your questions and provide more tips on the new site.

Features we introduced:

Print Options - Print is now available under the tools menu and additional options are available to print via My Canvas.   Print image is formatted to fit the page while still reflecting the layout and benefits of the Facts View as well as removing the dark backgrounds to reduce unnecessary use of ink for printing. CSU_print1CSU_print2   Example of print-friendly printout CSU_print3   Thumbnail Images on time-line in the Facts View ? Now you can easily access and see the images you have uploaded on facts on the Facts view. Images that you have previously added to facts will now show as a thumbnail on the fact. CSU_thumbnail   Media viewer displays the life range with names ? Now when you want to save a media item to another person in the Gallery, you are presented with not just the name of the individual, but also the life rage. This helps in select the correct person when adding media throughout your tree. CSU_MediaViewer   Profile Image ? It is easier to select/change the image you want for a Profile. Now you can simply click on the image and then select Choose Profile Image'. You are then presented with the pictures that have been uploaded for that person and can select the one you would like for the profile. Click on Choose Profile Image' CSU_MV   Choose any photo that can best represent your ancestor CSU_MS2    

Features we are still working on

  • Member Connect ? We will bring back Member Connect under the Facts View tools. You can contact other members who are also researching your ancestors to share your research questions, findings, and more.
  • Military Pages ? Some of you have done great research around your ancestors' military background and stories. We will bring back view only version of Military Pages so you can continue to access the content you have created.
  • Family Group Sheet ? A family view of the of the person and their family
  • Continue Search ? option to keep searching from within your tree versus right clicking to open new records.

Issues reported this week

Below are some of the issues that surfaced from your feedback this week.
  • Various reports of the relationship calculator randomly not appearing
  • Some users feels that the color scheme is unattractive and gloomy
  • Requests have been made for the List of All People and Tree Pages on the profiles page
  • Some users have expressed frustration at phantom hints
  We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to keep submitting it. What do you love about the new website' Did you find a bug' Something doesn't quite work like you think it should' Please submit it via this form. Thank you. We will be providing more updates over the next couple of weeks.

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