The New Ancestry: August 22nd Feature Update
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Welcome to our weekly update on the new Ancestry website. Last week we covered the location issues, why they were happening and possible solutions. This week we rolled out a product fix to resolve it. As previously mentioned, we require a certain amount of information about the place in order to properly place it on the map. When a place name is ambiguous, e.g. it is listed simply as 'Chester' in your tree (lacks county or country to help define which Chester it really is), we will omit it from the LifeStory narrative. And while it will not be included in that narrative, it will remain in your tree exactly how you entered it. CSU_Places_Before Before: We decide a definite location based on your input CSU_Places_After Now: We omit ambiguous location names on LifeStory, while keeping them on your tree. Another update we released recently is the 'stickiness' of Facts view vs. LifeStory. We understand you have your own preferences researching your ancestors; some of you prefer LifeStory to see your ancestors' stories, while some prefer staying on Facts view to focus on researching. Now, your preference will be 'sticky,' meaning if you are on Facts view when you log out, you will return to Facts view when you log back in.

Features that we are still working on:

  • Profile picture cropping - Edit/crop a profile photo to fit in the circular photo space.
  • Member Connect - Find other members researching a similar ancestor and save the info from their family trees.
  • Family Group Sheet - A family view of the of the person and their family.

Top Reported Issues:

Below is a status on the top issues surfacing from your feedback. Please note there have not been any changes to this list.
  • Inaccurate narrations in LifeStory and Facts view? We are looking at the language in the narrations and how to better generate narratives.
  • Photos added to events to appear as thumbnails in Facts view ? Thank you for your feedback on this. We are evaluating whether to include this functionality in the new Ancestry site
We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to keep submitting it. What do you love about the new website' Did you find a bug' Something doesn't quite work like you think it should' Please submit it via this form. Thank you. We will be providing more updates over the next couple of weeks.

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