The latest installment of new AncestryDNA features.
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It's been a busy start to 2013 for the AncestryDNA crew. While we've been processing the massive numbers of DNA kits that have come in this year already, we have also been working on improvements to the AncestryDNA service. Additionally, we just made it even easier to get into AncestryDNA with the new low price of $99. Here's a quick recap of some new features to bring you up to speed.

Communicating with matches

is even easier.

Now when you correspond with a DNA match, there's a direct link in the email message that lets you quickly locate that match in the future. No more paging through your match list. Just click the link, and it will take you directly to the details for that match.



DNA results on-the-go.

We've updated our web pages to work seamlessly on your smart phone and tablet. It's called responsive design, and it's all the rage in the tech world. It means your DNA results will look and fit better when you view them on the smaller screens of a tablet, iPhone, or other handheld device. No app download required; just access your DNA results through your web browser on your smart phone or tablet as usual.


Raw DNA data download.

Some of our expert genetic genealogists have requested the ability to download their raw DNA data. It's the genetic code that's comprised of over 700,000 A's, C's, T's and G's that are the basis for your DNA results. And now you have the option to download your raw data by logging into your account, going to your DNA results page and clicking the manage test settings' link. If you're not familiar with raw DNA data, be sure to review the Raw DNA Data' section in our Frequently Asked Questions. It's highly sensitive and private data that you'll want to be sure to protect once you've downloaded it.
  That sums up the latest. But it doesn't mean we're done making the DNA experience even better. We continue to listen to feedback from our DNA users and have a growing to-do list: from more powerful tools to search and manage your rapidly growing list of DNA matches to more education on how to use your DNA results. So expect more exciting updates throughout the year. If you haven't taken the AncestryDNA test, there's no better time than now to get started, especially at the new $99 price. Then all the new features and latest scientific findings will be yours. Find out more here: