The Faces Behind AncestryDNA's Ethnicity Regions
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One of the great features of the AncestryDNA test is that it details your ethnic origins across 26 geographic regions around the world. How do we do it' We've assembled one the of most comprehensive DNA datasets in the world, with thousands of DNA samples from people with deep roots in each of the 26 different regions. This dataset makes up what we call the "reference panel." Each person in the reference panel is from a specific location and has a documented family tree indicating deep ancestry in a particular region. To estimate your genetic ethnicity, we compare your DNA to the DNA of the people who make up the reference panel and then upload the results to your Ancestry account. See a few of the faces of people who define their heritage in AncestryDNA. Each of these individuals represents the past, present and future of their culture and the connection to that heritage for AncestryDNA customers. faces of ethnicity Here's the most recent map of the regions available in the AncestryDNA test results. Ethnicity-all-regions-map There are millions of variations in your DNA that make you unique. However, since you inherit these variations from your ancestors, they are also what make DNA a powerful history tool. This allows you to discover connections to your past and learn more about the people and places in your family story. To learn more about how AncestryDNA determines genetic ethnicity click here. This is an exciting time to be a part of DNA testing especially as we see advancements in the science and technology world that enhance the level of detail and specificity we can use to discover more of our story. If you have taken the AncestryDNA test already, did you find out about an ethnicity you didn't know you have' Tell us in the comments below. If you have not taken the test yet, what are you waiting for' Order it now.