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Think you know where you come from' Think you know what you're made of' Our sense of identity stems from our upbringing ? our culture, our family values, and the stories passed down from generation to generation. But how much do you really know about who you are and where you come from, and how does that influence how you look at the rest of the world' We joined forces with international travel search site, Momondo to put 67 people to the test ? the DNA test. Each coming from different cultures and backgrounds, participants were taken on a journey into who they are based on their DNA. What they discovered is that they have much more in common with other nationalities than they could have expected and that we are all members one global family. This is The DNA Journey. How DNA works Your DNA is unique to you, so how does it tell us about where you come from' We get 50% of our DNA from mum and 50% of our DNA from dad, explains AncestryDNA expert, Brad Argent. They get 50% from their parents, and so forth and so forth and it goes back a long way. Those little bits of our ancestors trickle down through our parents, to us. So a genetic DNA test that looks at genealogy elements such as ethnicity can tell you where your ancestors have come from. How does DNA open the world' Many of us have grown up thinking we're a part of a particular cultural story. But our DNA reveals that we're actually a part of many stories. What I love about DNA, explains Brad, is it tells a biological history of who we are. It sits beside the culture history and paints another picture of who we are. Learn more about The DNA Journey and the participant's stories here. Find out more information about taking the AncestryDNA test here.