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The state and country pages are once again available.We replaced the database server that supports these pages with a bigger, better one. So we are reasonably confident that this will solve the problem in the short term.We are also rewriting pieces of this code so that it become more efficient. The main change to increase efficiency is to sort the list by "popularity" but in alphabetical order. You will see this change in the next week or so.In other words, instead of :Nebraska Census sorted by popularity
you will see this on the summary page of short lists:Nebraska Census sorted alphabetically
From listening to many of you, the popularity sorting is not the useful, it's the lists that are useful.You can visit the state and country pages by going to search home page on old search ui and clicking on a map or state/country link.Now, I know that some of you, especially those that are newer to the site, may be asking, what is "new search", what is "old search" and how do I know which one I'm using'Start on the search home page: you see: (click on the image to see a larger version)New search header
you are using the new search user interface.If you see:Old search header
you are using the old search user interface.By clicking either "Try it" or "Switch back to the old search experience" you can switch between the two. You will find these links on most of your pages on ancestry.Some people will only use the old, some only the new, some like to use both depending on what they are doing. Both are available to use.If you are in the old search user interface, you can go to and at the bottom you will see:State and Country Page Links
If you've never used them before, I'll leave it to you to explore. If you've been missing them, they have returned.Happy Searching.