Something exciting is in the works
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Over the past year, we've taken a close look at the Ancestry search process and asked our customers what issues they face when trying to find content on our site. Based on this feedback, we've been working on some new search features that we believe will make searching for records about your ancestors easier, faster and more effective.

We've made a New Year's Resolution at Ancestry to do a better job of involving our customers in product enhancements early on so we can respond to feedback and make products that really meet your needs. That's why, even though we were hoping to roll out the new search system earlier this year, we decided that it was absolutely critical that we invite some of you to try it out and give us direct feedback based on the new system before we launched it. So we invited a few lucky customers to take the new search for a spin and tell us what they think. We've been soaking up the feedback and we're still busy making changes to improve the system based on that feedback. That said, it's getting pretty close to time to launch it to a wider audience.

So, before long, we plan to begin a beta (fancy word for a preview) period of the new search on Ancestry, so you can all try it out. It will be what we call an opt-in' beta, meaning that you can choose whether or not you'd like to try out the new search. If you decide you want to try it, you'll be able to easily switch back to the existing search functionality at any time during the beta period by clicking on a Switch Back' button on any of the search pages. We hope you'll give us some good feedback on the new search during this beta period so we can continue to improve it.

If you'd like to take a quick tour of the new features and be one of the first to hear about the new search beta when it launches, visit:


P.S. ? Here's a quote from one of our early testers: It was the best item I have personally ever tested for [Ancestry]. I am really excited to see this new enhancement become available on their site. So look forward to exciting things from Ancestry.