Site Performance Update
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I wanted to give everyone a quick update on a few of the changes that have been made to improve site performance over the past few weeks.  We recognize we are by no means done.  These represent our first set of improvements: 1. Compression: Across the site we've compressed the code that has to be downloaded with each page.  Our initial tests show that this has reduced page weights' (or number of bytes you download when you hit a page) by almost 50%.  The improvement is more or less on a given page but it appears to be roughly 50% in aggregate across the site.  We have begun this process with our javascript and stylesheet files.  We are continuing on to our images and HTML files. 2. Photo Serving: We've moved the serving of member-contributed photos to a set of beefier, dedicated servers to ensure this system is getting sufficient resources.  This system comes into play anytime we display member photos like in the pedigree view or on person pages. 3. Reducing Duplicate Calls: On a few pages, we have reduced the number of times where key software libraries (code used to construct the site) are downloaded more than once.  Fewer requests to download libraries means faster page load times.  We are working our way through more pages like this on the site. I'll repeat -- we are by no means done.  The Site Performance team is working on a number of further optimizations.  To summarize it, we are working on other ways to reduce the size of the data that is being transferred between us and you and improving our server response time. We'll report back as we make further improvements.  Have a good weekend. regards Eric Shoup