Service Pack 2 Rev 2
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Service Pack 2 is now available to the public. The major updates include the following:

  1. Re-introduced publishing features.
    • Publishing features include:
      • Genealogy Register Report
      • Genealogy Ahnentafel Report
      • Hourglass Chart
      • Vertical Ancestor Chart
      • Updates to all reports to better display facts and notes
      • Updates to exporting of reports to RTF and HTML
      • Resolved issues within reports when making changes
  2. Resolved issues related to speed, program stability and usability.
    • These include:
      • Fixes to Unhandled Exceptions
      • Fixes to memory management issues
      • Import fixes including importing:
        • Relationship notes
        • AKA
        • Source/Master Source media
        • Marriage status
      • Performance enhancements especially to import/export and upload
      • Enhancements to web merge and web clipping
      • Enhanced support of more image types
      • Better support and messaging of Windows Vista User Account Control
      • Resolved issues with updating display of data throughout program after data is changed
      • Resolved crashes due to Firefox being the default browser
      • Better support for high contrast
      • Added ability to rename media files within the program
To update your copy of Family Tree Maker 2008 please follow the instructions on the ?Program Updates? page.  We realize this update does not include changes for all the feedback we've received. The Family Tree Maker team will continue to improve the product; however we felt there were some critical updates that our customers needed to receive as soon as possible.  Please continue to post feedback here and to the Family Tree Maker feedback form. We anticipate we'll be asking for volunteer testers again early next year as more improvements are made and as the book building capability is developed. We'll also likely have another survey sent out shortly that will help us prioritize future enhancements and projects.  A special thanks to everyone that has provided feedback, insight, bug reports, and beyond.  - Ben