RootsMagic brings Ancestry Features to their Desktop Software
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Last year, we announced we were working with RootsMagic?, a leading desktop genealogy application, to allow Ancestry® subscribers to connect their Ancestry accounts to the RootsMagic software. Since that time, Ancestry has developed a new technology to integrate Ancestry Hints® and Ancestry?s records and online trees with RootsMagic products. Today, RootsMagic launches a free update to RootsMagic 7 with TreeShare? for Ancestry. From within RootsMagic 7, as an existing Ancestry subscriber, you have access to your Ancestry Hints and the ability to share and synchronize data with your Ancestry online trees. ?Integrating with Ancestry?s trees and records has been one of our most requested features,? said Bruce Buzbee, president of RootsMagic. ?It?s exciting to work together with Ancestry to make this happen. The feedback that we?ve received from those who have tested TreeShare has been phenomenal.?

TreeShare for Ancestry

RootsMagic?s TreeShare lets you, as an Ancestry subscriber, synchronize data between your RootsMagic files on your computers and your personal Ancestry online trees. You can transfer people, events, notes, source citations, and even pictures between the two systems. RootsMagic users also gain the ability to easily share and collaborate with others by giving family members access to their Ancestry online tree. Using the new TreeShare feature, family members can then synchronize the latest changes and additions to both the online tree and their desktop computers.

Ancestry Hints Integration

RootsMagic leverages the Ancestry Hints capability and as possible matches are found, users may conveniently review them from within the software. RootsMagic then lets you add new information and media from matching records into your file.

Free RootsMagic Essentials Software

For those that are just starting their journey into the world of genealogy, RootsMagic offers ?RootsMagic Essentials?- a free version of their software with a limited set of features tailored towards beginners. If you have an account with Ancestry, RootsMagic Essentials includes the ability to upload your file to Ancestry or download your existing online trees from Ancestry.  If you are a subscriber to Ancestry, RootsMagic Essentials also allows you to search and view all of the content in your subscription.  Those wishing to compare and transfer individual records between RootsMagic and Ancestry will want to use the full-featured RootsMagic software.

Special Offer for Ancestry Members

As a courtesy to Ancestry?s subscribers, RootsMagic is offering the full version of their software with a free eBook for only $20 (regularly $44.90). This offer is available to Ancestry subscribers through July 31, 2017. To learn more about RootsMagic 7?s software, or to take advantage of the special offer, please go to RootsMagic?s website at