US Content Survey Results
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Subscriber Content Survey We just completed a survey of over 10,000 (mostly US-based) customers and learned what US content we should emphasize for 2008. I would like to get additional individual input, suggestions and comments from others to refine what we do. Here are two of the interesting findings: 1) Customers record type priority list was first additional birth, marriage and death records followed by more census, immigration, military, court, trees and newspapers. 2) Customers want to be informed of new interesting content additions by email weekly/monthly (most wanted monthly). I was surprised daily wasn't wanted by most. We have some very exciting new content that is in our content "pipeline" right now. I am looking forward to releasing great new offerings with a huge emphasis on vital records, lots of additional state censuses and some very useful and interesting augmentations to the federal census, huge immigration additions, and a very rich military release (similar to our military promotion last May). I would love to hear what content you want most. GG