Question: What about books?
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As I dig into the questions that have been asked in this blog, in the feedback form, to the Member Services team, and in the Webinar, one common theme is the book building capability of Family Tree Maker. Ancestry Press is not, nor was it intended to be, a replacement to the old book building capability available in previous versions of Family Tree Maker. The development team is working hard on an offline book building option that will be available for free to all Family Tree Maker 2008 customers. This offline book building option will be similar to what users were used to in previous versions of Family Tree Maker. It will not, however, support legacy Family Tree Maker books. Below is a mock of the offline book building project currently under development. Please note that this is only a mock and will likely change before launch. Book Mock The offline book building option will be available next year. As a result, the finished product is not set in stone. Please offer your feedback as comments to this post and in the Family Tree Maker feedback form. What did you like about the book building in previous versions' What didn't you like' What added functionality would you like to see' Ancestry Press will remain a part of Family Tree Maker 2008. Ancestry Press is an online publishing tool that allows users to create coffee-table quality books, prints for framing, or family tree posters. Ancestry Press, the publishing tool, is a free service to anyone that wants to use it. Users can also print for free at home or they can order a book, print, or poster for a fee through the Ancestry Press integrated printing process. I'm anxious to hear what you liked and didn't like in previous versions of the Family Tree Maker book building tool as well as insight into possible future functionality.