Preview of our enhanced pedigree view
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Today we launched in "preview mode" a series of updates to the pedigree view of your family tree. The changes we have made are based largely on feedback we've received from members on their challenges using the current pedigree view. We're excited to release these improvements and encourage you to give the preview a test drive and tell us what you think. ntv-small The current pedigree view shows up to five generations of ancestors at a time.  In "preview mode" you can now expand a family line to view dozens of generations at one time on your screen.  New zoom in/out tools allow you to customize the size of the names on screen to see more names at a time, or to make the text larger for easier readability. Speaking of readability, we've sharpened the contrast and increased the text's size and boldness to make names easier to read at any zoom level. In addition, a "full screen" toggle button allows you to expand the tree viewer to take full advantage of any extra space your computer monitor is able to display. In preview mode, you can grab and drag your family tree across the screen to adjust it to just how you want to see it, which can be especially helpful when looking at 16 generations of your paternal line at full screen. We've also made it easier to navigate to your ancestors' profile pages.  Instead of hovering and clicking "view profile", now a profile icon appears next to each person in your tree--just click it and done. Also, we're introducing to the pedigree view a mini "more info" card for each person in your tree.  Clicking a name now brings up more information for that person, plus links to go to the profile page, view hints, edit, search, move to focus, and add family members.  This "more info" card also has an option to view the spouse and children of the person in your pedigree view, without having to leave the page. To try out the preview mode, visit your family tree and click the link "Check out a preview of the new pedigree view". We expect the preview to last several weeks before we make the new pedigree view the default experience.  We invite you to use it, and send us your opinions via the feedback tool on the page.  We will work to incorporate as much of your feedback as we can before we launch.