New State Research Guide: New Hampshire
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New HampshireThis week we pay tribute to the great state of New Hampshire. Here are five things you might not  know about New Hampshire: 1. New Hampshire was the first of the colonies to declare its independence from England. In January 1776, it established an independent government and constitution. 2. The first potatoes planted in the U.S. were planted by Scots-Irish immigrants in 1719 in New Hampshire. You're welcome, Idaho. 3. The first aerial tramway in the U.S. was built in New Hampshire at Franconia Notch in 1938. From the tram's vantage point, on a good day you can see mountains in four states and Canada. 4. Between 1642-1679 and 1690-1692, New Hampshire was under the control of Massachusetts. During other colonial periods it was a Royal Province and geographically separated the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which at the time included present-day Maine and Massachusetts. 5. The oft-quoted motto "Live Free or Die" is the official state motto of New Hampshire. It was chosen based on a toast sent by New Hampshire's Major General John Stark, who is best known as the hero of the Battle of Bennington, in 1809 as he sent his regrets that he was unable to attend an anniversary celebration of that battle. The full text reads, "Live free or die; death is not the greatest of evils." Want to learn more about the Granite State' Check out our latest state research guide. Not from New Hampshire. Take a look and see if we have a guide for your state.