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We are excited to announce the launch of the new site-wide navigation at the top of every page.    This change came about after a lot of research and gathering feedback from people who use the site every day.

You will find that it is quicker and easier for you to get where you want to go on the site. We also made changes to ensure that the navigation stays consistent throught the entire site (although please bear with us as there may be a day or so delay in getting all pages up-to-date).

Use the new drop-down menu links to jump to frequently-accessed areas of the site with one click.  For instance, you can jump from a record page to one of your trees with one click.  To use the drop-down menus, simply hover your mouse over the tab and it will open.


You can now also access your To-Do list and Quick Links on every page. Click the "Quick Links" link in the upper-right and you will have instant access to the links you use most. You can add new links to all of your favorite research resources- on or off Ancestry by using the "Add a Quick Link" button when the list is open, or by clicking the "Add to Quick Links" link in the upper-right.  You can access and add To-Do's the same way, just look for the "Add a To-Do" button.


Note: As part of the new navigation changes some tabs have been renamed. The "Community" tab is now called "Collaborate" but it still the home of the Message Boards, Ancestry World Archives project, Public Profiles and the other great community products. "Print and Share" is now called "Publish" and it is the home of MyCanvas and all of the great family tree books, posters and other projects. "Store" is now called "Shop" and you can still find books and our other great products there.