New Record Merge Feature
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We're excited today to be rolling a long-awaited and much-requested feature for family trees.

Many of our historical records on Ancestry have information in them about other members of the family'not just the one person.Previously when you saved a record, you could only save it to one person at a time, and if the record had information about other family members, you would have to find each of their individual records and save them one at a time.

Starting today when you find a record with family information, you can save and merge that record to multiple members of the household.

Is there a way to go back to hints you have previously accepted and re-merge those'Yes'last week we added a section to the list of hints for a person which now shows hints that have previously been accepted.

Merging responsibly

Now before you go off merging family information all willy nilly, please merge responsibly.The default selection on this new merge feature does NOT include the extra family members.This is so you can review them individually and be certain that they are a right match before you add them to your tree.As smart as our system is, it can still make mistakes and can occasionally recommend a merge of two wrongly matched people, or perhaps a merge that results in duplicate names in your family tree.

Give us your Feedback

So, how do you like this feature'Does it work well for you'What recommendations do you have'Please let us know how you like it.You can post a comment here, or if you prefer, feel free to send me an email directly (kfreestone at