New Photo Upload Tool
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Today we added to the site a new tool to help you quickly and simply upload multiple family history photos and documents at one time. To try this out in your own family tree, you'll want to click the "add media" or "add photo" links, just as you would have before this change.  What you will see next is an orange "Select files..." button.

When you click the "Select files..." button the tool opens your computer's file directory, and you can select multiple files or just one.  To select multiple files you can use your mouse to highlight several at a time, or you can also pres the "ctrl" key while you click on multiple files.  (On a Mac use the Command key instead of "ctrl".)  In the image below I've selected 10 files to add.

Once I select the files and click the "Open" button, the files begin uploading.  A progress bar shows relatively how long I can expect to wait.

The new upload tool requires Adobe Flash.  The odds are that you are among the 98% of internet users who have Adobe Flash installed.  In case you don't, we still have the old system available, along with a handy link to install Adobe Flash (which is a free download.).

We're excited to add this new feature, and think you will all enjoy it.  Please let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment below.