New Homepage Update
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In my previous post, I discussed some improvements and adjustments we were planning to make to the new home page based on your feedback.  Here is an update on those promised improvements: Quicker access to the Search box   Based on the feedback we received since my last post, we changed how we were planning to give you quicker access to the search box.  Several members suggested that that they would like to choose where each section appears on their home page- including the ability to move the search box up.  We agree that is a great idea and today we launched an improvement that allows you to rearrange the sections of the home page To rearrange your page, look for the green Customize this page' button in the bottom-right of the homepage: Customize My Page Once you click the button, you can move the sections up and down within their columns by using the arrow or by dragging them into position. When you are finished, click Save changes'.  Making it easier to add the links you really care about We launched another improvement today that you may have already noticed- the new Add to Quick Links' link located in the header of many pages.  This handy tool makes it quick and easy to add a Quick Link to a page on the Ancestry site.  To use this tool, navigate to one of your favorite pages, and click the Add to Quick Links' link located in the header: ql-main-header1.jpg and ql-mini-header2.jpg You will be asked to name the link (optional) and save it.  The link will be automatically added to the Quick Links section of your homepage. Additional links to commonly used content As promised, we recently added some additional links to the Quick Links section to the Ancestry Card Catalog and the US Military Collection.  These links were added for everyone, so if you do not want them in your Quick links, you can remove them by putting your mouse over the link and clicking the trash can icon. New Search Interface In my previous post, I let you know that we identified a bug that switched some users into the new Search experience when they clicked on one of the Quick Links on the home page. This bug was fixed a couple of weeks ago.  If you find that you are still in the new Search experience, and you do not wish to be, click on the Search tab, and click the link near the upper-right of the page called Switch back to the old search experience'.  We are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused you. We really appreciate your feedback and patience as we made these improvements and as we continue to improve the homepage.