More U.S. Public Records = More Ancestry Hints
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Have you tried searching the U.S. Public Records Index (USPRI) lately' Whether you're searching for a distant cousin or want to locate information about Grandpa, we've added 800 million records to the USPRI collection for a total of more than 1.2 billion records from all 50 states, so it's worth searching through the collection again. And even if you haven't searched the collection recently, you may start to see more Ancestry Hints (you know, the green shaky leaf) pop up on your family tree because of the number of connections these records bring to the site. So look back at your family tree and see what extra hints have popped up lately. What is a USPRI' The U.S. Public Records Index are a variety of public records that are all accessible to the general public. What's unique about this collection is that has simply made the process of finding certain public records easier by making them available in an online searchable database. Types of public records that make up the U.S. Public Records Index include:

  • White pages
  • Directory assistance records
  • Marketing lists
  • Postal change-of-address forms
  • Public record filings
  • Historical residential records
More than one year ago, we updated our U.S. Public Records database to have more than 500 million names, addresses, ages, and possible family relationships of people who lived in the United States between roughly 1950 and 1990.  And now, we just added more than 800 million new U.S. Public Records. With birth dates starting in the 1850s, this collection spans more than a century of U.S. history and is an invaluable tool for piecing together family stories and histories. So, if you're looking for more recent relatives, don't miss the latest additions to our U.S. Public Records Index collections.  It's worth a visit to see what fun new facts you can discover about your family.