Message to Family Tree Maker 2008 Owners
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For our valued Family Tree Maker 2008 customers: As we announced earlier, we're giving our loyal Family Tree Maker 2008 customers a free upgrade to 2009. Last year around this time we released Family Tree Maker 2008. There was some initial customer dissatisfaction with the functionality in that release. We heard from customers who felt they didn't receive what they were expecting. Over the past year, we've listened carefully to their feedback and have added many new features in the form of free patches which have been enthusiastically received. Family Tree Maker 2009 has even more features and functions that were not in previous patches. We listed some of these features in a previous post, along with additional features that will be part of Version 2009 when they become available. In the next few weeks, Family Tree Maker 2008 registrants will receive an email with a one-time-use coupon that can be redeemed for a free version of Family Tree Maker 2009. You might have heard about a previous email that went to a portion of Family Tree Maker users. Don't worry if you didn't receive that first email; you'll probably still receive the full offer, and if for some reason you don't, we'll make sure you have a way to get the free version. We want you to be completely satisfied and delighted with the product you have purchased. The family history work you do is important, and we want to support you the best we can. Sincerely, The Family Tree Maker Team