Ancestry® is a family and a community, even when we’re not together – which is why we are continuing to share resources for people to make family history discoveries from home. We know that stories of our ancestors build understanding and a sense of connection to the past, and bring families closer together. We invite you to join us at RootsTech where we can celebrate our shared discovery journey and come together with our community at a time when we may be physically apart.

As a long-term partner and sponsor of RootsTech, the largest family history technology conference, we are excited to participate in the now free, all-virtual event from February 25-27, 2021. For the first time ever, the conference experience will be global, entirely virtual and completely free, continuing with on-demand lectures available for free post-event on RootsTech’s YouTube page. 


RootsTech 2021 Virtual Sessions

The virtual conference will feature 10-20 minute presentations over the three days, with nearly 40  learning sessions hosted by experts from Ancestry. Topics range from how to get started building your family tree quickly, research tips and tricks, latest genealogy news and innovations, new record collection additions, discovering the most about your DNA, and much more! The sessions will be for various levels of experience and available in 11 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Chinese and Korean).

At the conference, we will also be introducing a new learning video series for those with even the busiest schedules:

Genealogy in a Minute features quick tutorials guiding you along to your next discovery and all within one minute! 


Learning More with Ancestry

With more than 27 billion records and more than 18 million people in our DNA network, Ancestry has more discoveries waiting for you than ever before. And for the second year in a row, Ancestry has added more than a billion records, and we are committed to making even more content available in 2021. 

Whether you’re a veteran genealogist or starting your discovery journey today, Ancestry has innovative features and game-changing record collections that make it easy to find your family story. At RootsTech, you will hear more about what’s new and coming from Ancestry, including historical records added from around the world, cutting-edge machine learning and AI technology to help you find the record you need, improvements to the user experience, and more.

With all that’s new from Ancestry and even more to come, there’s no better time to discover what makes your family story unique. We hope you join us to celebrate shared connections with people from around the world – all from your own home.

For more information about the 2020 RootsTech conference and to register, visit: