Introducing Ancestry’s New Mini AncestryDNA Kit to Reduce Waste-to-Landfill by 35%
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As the global leader in family history with the world’s largest consumer DNA database, we have a responsibility to set the bar for sustainable industry innovation. 


In a leap toward our commitment to reducing our waste-to-landfill by 35% by 2025, starting October 1, Ancestry will begin rolling out its new AncestryDNA® kit packaging that is 35% smaller in size and 50% lighter than its predecessor. Aligned with our efforts to create more sustainable communities for generations to come, the new kit will reduce approximately 460,000 lbs of waste and 40% of supply chain emissions in the first 12 months of implementation alone. 


The new mini kit is just the start of a series of new sustainability initiatives from Ancestry, including transitioning to the use of recycled materials in all AncestryDNA kits by 2023.