Introducing a Breakthrough in DNA
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AncestryDNA is turning family history inside out with our latest innovation in DNA science and technology. Within your DNA, you carry a history that goes back hundreds, even thousands of years. Today, we are pleased to announce New Ancestor Discoveries', a revolutionary new way to discover, preserve and share your family history. Now, by just taking the AncestryDNA test, you can instantly find ancestors you never knew you had, going back generations in your family. This represents an entirely new way to get more of your story, whether you're an expert genealogist, hobbyist, or beginner. Meet the Next Generation of Family History New Ancestor Discoveries, the patent-pending innovation only available with AncestryDNA, can take you down a new path of your story. Do you have a brick wall on a family line' Maybe you haven't been able to go very far back in your family tree, or maybe you were adopted and are hoping to find the missing pieces of your story. New Ancestor Discoveries are here to help by using your DNA in a way that has never been possible'until now. Imagine that you know nothing about your 3rd great-grandmother on your father's side. You haven't been able to find her name, you've never seen a picture of her, and you don't know where she was born. Now by taking the AncestryDNA test you may finally discover that piece of your story. This is the power unlocked by New Ancestor Discoveries as we push technology and DNA science to the next level. So, how is this possible' New Ancestor Discoveries are made through a unique combination of AncestryDNA results and the millions of family trees shared by Ancestry members. First, living cousins of each AncestryDNA member are found and organized into family networks called DNA Circles', which bring together groups of people who are all related to the same ancestor. From there, New Ancestor Discoveries are found when you are a strong genetic match with members of a DNA Circle but you don't already have that ancestor in your tree. It's an innovative new way we are combining DNA, family trees, and historical records to help you make the next breakthrough in your story.


Where can New Ancestor Discoveries take you'
  • Find ancestors you may have never known, even if you know absolutely nothing about your family history, through this high-tech combination of DNA, family trees, and family history expertise.
  • Cross the pond in your research with new ancestors from England, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, and more.
  • Go back as far as the 1700s in an instant through your AncestryDNA test.
  • Find relatives that you may never have been able to find with family trees or historical records alone.
  • Grow your family tree with genetic evidence.
Our DNA members are receiving New Ancestor Discoveries pointing them to ancestors born as far back as the 1700s in both in the United States and abroad.
What if I've already taken the AncestryDNA test' If you are already an AncestryDNA member, good news, you don't have to take a new test to get this great new benefit. Watch for your own New Ancestor Discoveries. They will appear on your DNA results page just below the ethnicity and matching section. If you don't have any yet, keep checking back; new connections are being made every day, and as the database continues to grow, you will have more chances for New Ancestor Discoveries.


Every time I find another piece of my story, a new ancestor name, fact, or picture, I realize I am here today because of their choices. I am who I am because of them. And I carry their DNA inside of me. If you haven't taken a DNA test, now is the time. Your DNA holds pieces of your story'it's time to discover it.   Stay tuned for more helpful information on getting the most from New Ancestor Discoveries and how to improve your likelihood of getting them, if you don't already have one.