In Minutes You Can Preserve Centuries
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Some pictures, however, are priceless. For example, these photos of my grandpa Jerry Ogden (who died when I was too young to have any memory of him) are priceless to me.   Our ancestors were living, breathing people. And they left behind visual cues to their lives, like photographs, documents and stories. When you add these details to your tree family, the history you share is more exciting and complete, and it's a great way to get kids or grandkids interested in learning more. Sometimes scanning in all those pictures can feel like an overwhelming project, but it can go pretty quickly with a digital camera.  A few months ago while visiting my grandma, I grabbed my camera and quickly photographed a bunch of papers and artifacts from grandpa's world war II days.   It took less than an hour to preserve the whole shoebox.  So go dig out those old boxes of photos and documents and put them somewhere everyone can appreciate them ? in your family tree. Your family tree can be either public or private, so you can share those family photos and memories with just your relatives, or you can also let everyone enjoy Grandpa's incredible handlebar mustache.   We've recently made lots of improvements to make uploading all kinds of media a snap. It just takes a few simple steps:   1.  Click on an ancestor in your family tree. 2.  Click the "upload photos" link in the media gallery. 3.  Select the images you want to add from your computer. 4.  That's it.