Huge new content addition for more recent years
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We are launching huge new content additions over the next few weeks.  We are excited because it helps provide records from 1935 to today.  We have great census and vital records from 1930 and before but more recent records are difficult to acquire.  These new records are being provided in 4 major releases. First, we launched a 1940 census substitute. This is a project that we have been working on for years.  Since we can't get the real 1940 census until 2012 we have pulled together a huge collection of city directories from about 1935 to 1945.  This collection has over 100 million names and covers most of the US.  Second, we will launch in the next week (or two) the first ever collection of U.S. Public Records (USPRI) database with more than 525 million names, addresses, ages, and possible family relationships of people who lived in the United States between roughly 1950 and 1990.  This will be an invaluable tool in piecing together family stories and histories.  This new addition will replace the current USPRI database on Ancestry which is mainly profiles of living people. This database is built from a variety of city directories and other public records. Third, we launched search results and links to living people records on  We are excited about this partnership because MyLife has a much better collection of records about living people and continues to update this collection. includes current public information and more than 700 million profiles of living people. They are much better equipped to offer these services than we are. If you want to find a living cousin or second cousin or other living relative we believe these links to MyLife will be the best service to help you contact your family. Finally, we launched a new obituary collection.  We have had several very popular obituary collections for several years.  We have now upgraded our collection that we extract from obituaries posted in newspapers around the world with much better fielding and from more papers.  This should help you more easily identify the right obituary and find family relationships. In the coming months look for additional signficant improvements to all the US Federal Census from 1800 to 1890. We will also continue to release millions of vital records every month.  We are also excited about the upcoming large addition to our newspaper and military collections over the next few months. We hope these additions help you discover more of your family story.