Have Your Tissues at the Ready! The New Series of Long Lost Family is Here.
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Monday the 14th July sees the return of the BAFTA award winning show Long Lost Family. The show traces and reunites families who have been separated for most of their lives.

LongLostFamilyIn what is often an emotional and moving journey, Long Lost Family explores the background of each family's separation and why it occurred. Many of the people in the series were adopted or gave children up for adoption when they were younger. The new series features mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers searching for loved ones who they are desperate to be reunited with. Presenters Davina McCall & Nicky Campbell travel as far as South Africa and Australia to help locate and unite long lost families. Episode one features the heart wrenching stories of Ann Munro & Louise Kendall:
ANN MUNRO At the age of twenty-one Ann gave up her first son for adoption and ever since, her life has been overshadowed by guilt and the longing to be see her son again. All she has ever wanted is to explain that she gave him up out of love. Now Sixty-three years old, Ann Munro hopes that the show can trace the son she has waited over forty years to see again. With the help of specialist adoption support agents, Long Lost Family was able to track down her son. Nicky travels to the Isle of Wight to meet him in the hope of uniting mother and son. LOUISE KENDALL Louise Kendall is a twenty-eight year old nurse who lives in Bradford. A devoted mother, Louise is longing to share her life and family with the father she has never known. Her mother had a relationship with her father Stephane while working as an au pair in France. Louise's mother returned to Bradford where Louise was born and lost touch with Stephane shortly afterwards. The only connection Louise has to her father is a passport photo she received in 1986; a small picture of a curly haired, seventeen year old boy. Long Lost Family discovered Stephane Le Postollec living in the French Alps.  As a fluent French speaker, Davina makes the trip to meet him at his home. He shows Davina baby photos of Louise that he has kept with him through the years. When Davina tells Louise her father has been found, she is overwhelmed with emotion. When she sees a photo of Stephane, Louise cannot believe the man staring back at her is her dad.
Long Lost Family is broadcast on ITV this Monday July 14th at 9pm. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts on Ann and Louise's emotional journeys.