Follow-up on the New Homepage
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This is a follow-up to our previous post about our new homepage. Thanks again to everyone for their feedback on the updated logged-in homepage. We really want to make sure that the homepage is something that can be a real help to all of you. Here are some of the improvements we have planned based on your feedback: New Search interface Thanks to your feedback we identified a bug that is making it so that if you click on one of the content Quick Links on the homepage like "Birth, Marriage & Death Records" or "U.S. Census Records" you will get switched to our new Search experience if you weren't already using it. This was not our intention. We hope to be able to fix those links within the next week or so to prevent this from happening. If you like the new Search experience, you don't need to do anything. If you have gotten switched to the new Search experience and prefer the old Search experience, just click on the Search tab and then click on the link near the top of the page called "Switch back to old search experience." We're sorry for any inconvenience this caused any of you. Some additional links to commonly used content Since everyone has different content that they're interested in, we won't be able to automatically put all of the links you want into the new Quick Links section. Based on feedback, though, there are a couple links that we think will help most members. First, we'll be adding a link in the Quick Links section to go to the Ancestry Card Catalog where you can quickly find and search any database you are interested in. Second, we'll be adding a link to the US Military Collection, as that is the most-used record collection that is not already listed in the Quick Links section. We expect to add these new links in the next week or so. They will be added for everyone, so if you don't want them in your Quick Links you can easily remove them by putting your mouse over the link and then clicking the trash can icon. Making it easier to add the links you really care about We know that for many of you the links that are initially included in the Quick Links do not cover everything that you want quick access to. Right now you can add a link to any page you want by clicking on the "Add a link" button and then pasting in the URL, but we recognize that is a bit of work. To make this easier we are going to be adding a link in the masthead at the top of each page that will let you add any page you are on to the Quick Links section of your homepage. So you will just need to go to one of your favorite pages once, and then you can add it to your Quick Links with one click. We hope to be able to add this feature within the next 2 weeks or so. Quicker access to the Search box While a large number of our members have online trees on (over 5 million currently) and want quick access to their trees, some members who do not have an online tree on have expressed the concern that the Trees box at the top of the homepage is making it harder to get to get to the Search box below it. We are working on a design that would allow these members to switch to a smaller version of the Tree box that takes less space. This should move the Search box up on the page and make it easier to access. We hope to be able to add this within the next 2 weeks or so. Thanks for your patience as we work to make these improvements for you. We're very glad that some of you are finding value in the new page already. We really hope that the updated homepage can help you take advantage of the site and further your family history research.