Find out how you are related to other people in your Member Tree
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Have you ever found a person in your tree and asked yourself how are we related'?  I know I have.  In fact, many of you have asked for something that would help you easily find an answer to that question and we've listened. We've just added a new feature in your Member Tree that will allow you to view the relationship between you and a relative in your tree.  You can access this new feature by going to any person's profile page in your family tree and clicking "View relationship to me".  I decided to give it a try for my relative Braxton Cranford to see how he is related to me. Once I clicked the link, a window appeared that returned how Braxton is related to me well as well as the trail of people who helped create the connection between us.  It turns out that four people separate me and my great grand uncle Braxton.  (I've blurred the names of my living relatives) Now that I've selected to see how Braxton is related to me, I'll be able to see that relationship displayed below his name on his profile page.  I can also pull up the line of people that created the connection by clicking the "View relationship to me" link again.   Another noteworthy feature is that family members you've invited to your tree will see how they're related to people in the shared tree. We calculate the relationship based on who you' are in the tree which is sometimes different from the home' person. If your relative looks at the tree and calculates a relationship, it will be based on who his relative is in the tree.  As I've used this new feature it's been great to relate more directly to the people in my tree.  Braxton isn't just a name anymore; he's my great grand uncle.