Find A Grave Mobile App for iOS: Update
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QueueShotAs we continue to improve the mobile app for iOS, your feedback is crucial'we are constantly checking the comments and requests that come in through In fact, this latest release is in response to a problem we've heard a lot of you report, and we think we've solved it in a way that will help make things easier.

Queue Up Your Photos

Just in time for Memorial Day, the photo upload queue will now allow you to take pictures one after the other, without stopping to wait for each photo to upload before continuing on. This is great when your upload connection is slow, like when I'm on 2 bars of 3G network out at my local cemetery. So feel free to get out there on Memorial Day and snap away without delay.

Upload Over Wi-Fi Only

On the flip side, you can now opt to have photos automatically delete from your phone after successfully uploading to Find A Grave. This is a great way to conserve space on your phone so you can keep taking as many shots as you like. This update also now enables you to upload over Wi-Fi only, which can really help you save on your phone's data package. You can find this setting in your iOS settings for the Find A Grave app. This update should be available at the app store now. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone, and don't forget to join the conversation on the Find A Grave Facebook page.