Find A Grave Android Mobile App Release
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Find A Grave for Android We're in the holiday spirit today so what better way to celebrate that spirit than to announce our official release of the 1.0 version of Find A Grave for Android, free in the Google Play store.  With nearly half of our users having a preference for Android devices, we hope this release will unleash your inner graver.

The new Android app will allow users to easily search for cemeteries on a map or by name, find deceased relatives, and enable gravers to create new memorials, add photos, and update GPS points.

Our Android Find A Grave users will also be able to edit their own bio and preferences, see and add to their virtual cemeteries, and find and fulfill photo requests from across the community If you are not a Find A Grave user, but want to use this opportunity to become one, please join us! You can start with the mobile app or find us at Find A Grave. You don't need to register to search the memorials, but we would love it if you would sign up and contribute.  For Ancestry members, this is a great way to give back to the community that has been filling hint queues with their dedicated documentation of cemeteries. Find A Grave for Android Find A Grave is by far the largest public grave database in the world and its success is because of contributors worldwide. You can request grave photos from around the globe, and help by volunteering to take photos for others at nearby cemeteries. Deepest thanks to Wesley Cook and Ancestry's Android development team for bringing this new resource to the Ancestry and family history community. Visit the Google Play store to download Find A Grave for Android today! Get it on Google Play