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kennyfreestoneHi there! I'm Kenny Freestone, product manager at over our online family tree tools, especially the relatively new Member Trees on Ancestry. You might not be aware of the incredibly exciting work you have all been doing in building a family tree on Since the product's launch in July of 2006, we've seen tremendous results:
  • 3.8 million people have started a family tree
  • 400 million names have been added
  • 51 million records attached
  • 4.5 million photos uploaded
  • 1 million family members invited
Wow! And thank you for the great work. It is very fun to watch these numbers continue to rise each week. Now, how can we make it better' How can we help you get more out your efforts' We're full of ideas, but would love to hear from you. Let's open the dialogue some more and have some great discussion. Two ways to talk'one is to add your comment to this blog post. We'll be reading the comments. The other way is to make use of our message boards. Today we've created a new message board that is focused just on the Ancestry Member Trees product. I hope this will become a place where we can give feedback, help each other (especially those new to the system to find answers to common questions). (If neither of these ways suit you, send me an email and let me know what's on your mind'kfreestone at I'll periodically post new stuff to this blog to let you know about new features we're launching.