Family Tree Maker Webinar on September 15th
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Family Tree Maker 2011 is almost here. Join us for a free webinar on September 15th at 8:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time and discover why it's the best version yet. You'll learn how to:
  • Use Smart Stories'a new narrative tool to help you create and share family stories.
  • Create new fan charts.
  • Dress up your charts using photographs and embellishments.
  • Add your own historical events to timelines.
  • And much more.
To attend the Family Tree Maker 2011 webinar, click here to register. And if you have questions you'd like answered, please enter them in the Comments section below. We'll try to respond to them during the webinar or on the blog. (Please limit your questions to functionality available in Family Tree Maker 2011.) We appreciate your questions and look forward to talking to you soon. Thanks! Have you missed past webinars' You can view them any time at