Family Tree Maker Tutorials
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Have you ever wanted a personal tutor to sit at your computer and show you how to use Family Tree Maker' We have a solution. Family Tree Maker has a variety of short video tutorials (each about 3 to 5 minutes long) that can help you quickly learn how to add, organize, and share your family history. They're perfect for visual learners or anyone who wants a little direction or help using the software. Here's a list of the eight tutorials that are available: Workspaces--teaches you about the seven workspaces that make up the Family Tree Maker software. Building Family Tutorial--Shows you how to add spouses, children, and parents, and navigate in the People workspace. Building Person Tutorial--Explains how to add events, facts, and media items for an individual. Places Tutorial--Explains how the place authority works and teaches how to resolve unrecognized place names. Media Tutorial--Illustrates the various ways to add media items and record details about them. Sourcing Tutorial--Shows you how and where to create sources and source citations. Publishing Tutorial--Explains the Publish workspace and also chart/report options and settings. Web Search Tutorial--Illustrates Ancestry hints and search results and shows how to merge this information into your tree. You can access all these tutorials online on the Family Tree Maker website. If you're using versions 2009, 2010, or 2011, you can also access these tutorials within your Family Tree Maker software; simply select the Help menu, and choose Training Tutorials.