Family Tree Maker: The New Version 2010
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Today we're announcing the release of Family Tree Maker 2010. This version has many improvements and new features specifically aimed at helping you create and share a fuller and richer family story. The following new and improved features expand Family Tree Maker's capabilities:

  • Improved integration with ? Easily download your family tree, including photos and stories, directly into Family Tree Maker 2010.
  • New and improved charts and reports ? Tell a richer family story with countless improvements to charts and reports including a new timeline report, improved family group sheet and genealogy reports.
  • Better ways to organize photos and other media ? Easier and faster ways to add, link and categorize photos and files.
  • Photo Slideshows ? Create and share slideshows based on images included within your family tree. Slideshows can also be exported to share with others.
  • Family books made from your tree ? Create a book about your family history to share with friends and family.
  • Standard source templates ? Cite the right information in your records with access to powerful sourcing tools that let you document and rate each citation.
  • Robust relationship calculator ? Quickly calculate the relationships between any two people in your tree.
  • Extended family birthday calendars ? Easily create and share calendars that show family birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Scanner support ? Add photos to your tree directly from your scanner and organize them into categories at the same time.
  • Extensive geographical migrations ? View a person or family timeline with event locations, like births, marriages, residences and death, mapped geographically to show migration paths you can follow through time.
  • Improved performance ? faster load times and quicker performance across the application.
You can see more detail about these features and others here. Family Tree Maker 2010 is available for purchase here.