Family Tree Maker: The Family Group View
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In a blog post on February 7th, I wrote about how to navigate in the pedigree view on the People workspace. This week we'll talk about to use the family group view. The family group view displays a single-family unit'a couple, their parents, and their children. In this view you can add spouses and children and also navigate through your tree. The family group view

Adding a Spouse

To add a spouse for an individual, click the Add Spouse link (see fig. 1). Then enter the spouse's name and click OK. You'll notice that the family group view displays only one spouse at a time. If an individual has multiple spouses, you can display the other spouse in the family group view by clicking the spouse button and choosing the individual from the drop-down list (fig. 2). Note: You can also add additional spouses using this drop-down list.

Adding a Child

To add a child for the couple, click the Add Child link (fig. 3). Then enter the child's name and click OK. Figure 3 Above the list of children, you'll see three buttons (fig. 4). You can use these to change the order in which children are displayed. Figure 4 To change the sort order of a specific child, select the child in the family group view; then, click the up or down arrow buttons until they appear in the desired order. To sort children by birth order, simply click the Sort children by birth button. If you haven't entered a birth date for a child,

Navigating in the Family Group View

You can also use the family group view to navigate through your tree. If you click the "parent" button above an individual (fig. 5) the family group view changes to display these individuals in the primary position. Figure 5 You can also click the arrow button to the left of a child's name (fig. 6) to display him or her in the primary position of the family group view. Figure 6