Family Tree Maker: The Compact File Tool
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Compact File. You may have noticed this option on the Tools menu. But what it is' As you work in your trees you will add and delete quite a bit of data. However, even when data has been removed from a tree, the file may still remain at a larger size. You can use the Compact File Tool to compress your tree file, remove unnecessary items, and reindex the file. This tool will optimize the software's performance and is a useful tool to run periodically.

  1. Click Tools>Compact File.
  2. If you want to back up your file before you compress it, click the Back up file checkbox (recommended).
  3. Click Compact. If you have chosen to back up your file, the Backup window opens. Change any options as necessary and click OK.
When the process is finished, a message shows how much Family Tree Maker reduced the size of your file. Because file compression happens behind the scenes, you won't necessarily see any changes in your tree, but you should notice better performance and a smaller overall file size.