Family Tree Maker: More about 2011
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The announcement about the release of Family Tree Maker 2011 produced so many questions I decided that a follow-up post might be helpful. Unfortunately I won't be able respond to every comment that was left but hopefully I can cover some of the bigger issues. What is happening with the Mac version of Family Tree Maker' The Mac version is on schedule to be released within the next two months. What about synchronization between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry Member Trees' I realize that synchronization is a much desired enhancement for Family Tree Maker users, so I asked if there was more I could post that would clarify the company's position on the issue. Here's the official statement. Our customers frequently ask for more ability to synchronize and transfer data between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry Member Trees, and we want to assure you that we are listening. This is a complex issue and while we cannot say for certain when it will be resolved, it is an important priority that we are actively working on. Why does the Web Merge seem to be slower in this version' As some of you have commented, the Web Merge seems to be taking a few seconds longer than in previous versions. And there's a good reason for it. Now when you merge an image from, Family Tree Maker processes the image and cleans it up. These higher quality images have larger file sizes and are the reason for the difference in performance. Here's an example of a downloaded Ancestry record in 2010 (file size 2.9 MB). And here's the same record cleaned up in 2011 (file size 9.7 MB). As always, we appreciate your concerns and will continue to look for ways to improve performance and speed in Web Merging. Others have asked if the new Internet speed' setting influences the speed of the Web Merge. The Internet speed setting is used to improve performance when downloading a tree from When can I get Family Tree Maker 2011 in the UK' The 2011 version should be available in the UK in mid-October. Will 2011 install over my Family Tree Maker 2010? No, Family Tree Maker 2011 installs as a separate program. Can I use the Internet backup feature in 2011? The Internet backup feature hasn't been available since Family Tree Maker Version 16. Unfortunately if you are accustomed to using this feature, it is not an option in 2011. Why can't I right-click in Web Search results anymore' As some of you have noticed, when you right-click on a Web Search result in 2011, no drop-down list appears. Apparently some of us had been doing something Family Tree Maker had never intended us to do! ( I liked to use the right-click option to open search results in another browser so I could get a better look at an image before I download it into my tree. ) And because the ability to right-click was never a feature, it was eventually disabled'it just happened to be in the 2011 release. But I am hoping now that some of us have spoken out about it, that the ability to right-click will be brought back. How large of a poster can I create in Family Tree Maker and export to PDF' Because of PDF limitations, the largest size poster you can export (without creating truncation problems) is 200 X 200 inches. (Which let me add, is still a pretty large chart!) Is there a Smart Stories type feature in 2010? No, Smart Stories is a new feature available only in 2011. However, in 2010 (and 2011) you can add text or stories to a book by typing your own text manually or by importing an entire document from a word-processing program such as Microsoft Word. Can I add pictures of individuals in Register (descendant) Reports' At this time, you cannot add photos to Register (descendant) reports. However, in 2011 you can add family photos and embellishments to charts'anywhere you like.