Family Tree Maker: Custom Facts
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Family Tree Maker has a variety of default facts you use when entering information about your family. However, some of the details you gather don't always fit into these defined categories. You could enter this information into a personal note for the individual. But before you do, consider making a custom fact. When you add information to an individual as a fact rather than a note, you can assign dates and places and attach sources, and you can include the fact in reports and charts. I have created several custom facts, such as Died as an Infant, that I use quite a bit. Here are a few suggestions for some custom facts you might want to add to your trees: You might also want to create a fact for each specific census year or for specific wars (such as the Civil War, American Revolution, or Korean War).

Follow these steps to create a custom fact:

1. Click Edit>Manage Facts. The Manage Facts window opens. 2. Click New. The Add Custom Fact window opens. 3. In the Fact label field enter the name of the fact as it will appear on the Person tab and on charts and reports. 4. In the Short label field enter a short label for the fact that will appear on the Family tab editing panel; you can enter up to six characters. 5. In the Abbreviation field enter an abbreviation for the fact; you can enter up to three characters. 6. In Fact type choose whether this fact will be used for individual events or shared events. Individual facts apply to only one person (such as the Unmarried fact); shared facts are typically for events such as marriage or divorce that occur between two people. In my custom facts "Civil Union" is a shared fact. 7. In Fact elements choose the fields that you want to appear for the fact: Date and Place; Date, Place, and Description; or Description only. For a custom Notes fact, you'd choose to only have a description, but for a Civil War fact, you'd want to include a date, place, and description. 8. Click OK.